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Meet Matt ...

In 1996 Matt enlisted in the United States Marine Corps graduating as company high shooter forging the path to the beginnings of becoming a firearms instructor. Matt spent ten years in the Marine Corps with a portion of his time with Weapons Training Battalion as a Marksmanship Instructor. After a year as a firearms instructor, Matt continued to advance in his shooting expertise placing him on the Marine Corps Shooting Team. Matt has run and operated multiple ranges both indoor and outdoor.

Matt served on active duty in the Marine Corps until 2005. Afterward, Matt worked in Alexandria, VA, and the DC area for Coastal International Security, the second-largest security company in the nation, as the company’s firearms instructor. Shortly thereafter, he advanced to the position of Director of Training and Recruiting, training Federal Officers, CIA Officer Contractors & FBI officers. Matt has been a firearms instructor for numerous weapons systems including M2-50cal, MK19 Grenade Launcher, M249 Saw, M240G, M16A2, Beretta M9, Glock, FN Pistols, Smith & Wesson (Semi & Revolver), and the  Taurus Revolver. His education and training are vast combining both civilian & military basic and advanced weapons courses. Matt is always looking to excel in the knowledge of firearms instruction.

In January 2012, Matt purchased Bloomington Home & Personal Security Store subsequently turning it into American Arms Gun Shop. Matt has always aspired to provide the citizens of Bloomington and surrounding areas with honest service and the lowest prices possible.

Meet Mike ...

In 1996 Mike enlisted in the United States Navy working his first ten years serving as a Fire controlman, supervising small arms weapons systems at various commands. In 2007, Mike was selected as Chief Petty Officer followed by a selection from the Limited Duty Officer (LDO) commissioning program in the Ordnance/Weapons field. As an officer, Mike served as the ship’s “gunner” for the USS John C. Stennis, the weapons officer for Special Boat Team 22, and the Ordnance Officer for CTF 53. During his time in the Navy, Mike served as a Small Arms Weapons Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and Fire Control Officer for large caliber weapons systems. Mike also served as the Small Arms Deputy Division Manager at NSWC Crane, where his duties included management of all small arms weapon systems including maintenance, repair, and replacement. Mike retired as a Lieutenant Commander in 2020 after 24 years of service. Following retirement, Mike has been tirelessly dedicated to overseeing and motivating the Bloomfield R.O.T.C. cadets, boasting many victories.

Meet Stephanie ...

Stephanie has an extensive history in customer service experience, 25 years to be exact, including 10 years in retail management. With Stephanie's organizational skills, management expertise, and patriotic support we could not run this place without her. Keeping everyone in check and also responsible for choosing future employees with a willingness to learn and readiness to represent what our company stands for, she is where the rubber meets the road. Stephanie is also a U.S. Navy military wife, married to her husband who retired enlisted from the USN.


Meet Ron ...

Ron is a Retired Gunnery Sergeant who served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps. Ron was an Infantryman and is also a Disabled Veteran. Ron served multiple tours overseas and has experience as a Small Arms Instructor and Range Management. Ron’s employment experience includes titles as Senior Engineering Technician, and Senior Range Safety Officer/Range Control Officer for Small Arms Weapon Systems Division ranges at NSWC Crane. As the Senior Range Control Officer, Ron had was the overseer of all explosive ordnance operations on a wide variety of ranges to include: demolition ranges, ordnance test ranges, static and mobile firing ranges, underwater test ranges and small arms test ranges dependent upon the test requirements.  Ron is considered very knowledgeable in the firearms industry due to his background and past positions filled.

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